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CommunityInfo Press Release: July 5, 2013

October 8, 2013
Ile Des Chênes
For Immediate Release

Manitoba Tech Company Shares the Wealth for Community Service
CommunityInfo Seeks Ambassadors to Help Enhance Community Life

The self proclaimed ‘Community Development Heroes’ at CommunityInfo are once again living up to their titles.


Today, the Ci Team is excited to announce the launch of its Community Ambassador program.

“We are now calling on individuals from every community to share in the responsibility and the benefits of bringing their community together.” said Scott Riddell, a company spokesperson, in a statement at the launch event.

The Community Ambassador program provides one person in any community with a 30% share of all revenue brought in through that community, for assuming the task of engaging people in the community to use the website, and inspiring them toward enhanced communication and greater community spirit.

Revenue comes through business website subscriptions, advertising sales, and individuals promoting events and classified ads.

“A person can earn hundreds or thousands of dollars in recurring monthly payments simply by tapping into their social networks and advocating for a more active community with greater communication.” said Riddell. “We want to reward people who have community spirit and inspire others to become engaged with what’s going on in their community.”

CommunityInfo.net is a network of community websites that allows users to share their events, classifieds, news, and much more with their friends, family, and neighbours in their local community.

In recent weeks, the company has received lot of media attention from various news outlets after the CBC broadcast a story across Canada about the innovative software and the group of rural web developers who created it. Since the CBC story aired, hundreds of new community websites have sprung up across the country.

“It really gave us the exposure and the credibility that we were looking for.” said Riddell “We’ve had people signing up all over the country, and several businesses wanting to partner up. And we launched the first overseas community website for Hanoi, Vietnam. There’s a group of expats out there who contacted us and wanted a website for the first ever hockey league in Vietnam. Of course being a bunch of hockey crazed Canadians, we dropped what we were doing and set them up!”

Affiliates and Partners

CommunityInfo also concurrently launched its ‘Affiliate’ and ‘Partner’ programs. Affiliates receive 20% of revenue for any business that they bring in through their community website. This could be as simple as posting a link on their own website. Partners are freelance web designers or design firms who build custom websites on the Ci platform. They receive a much larger share of the revenue and also have the freedom to charge their customers independently for custom web design work. CommunityInfo is finishing up work to launch its website builder and theme store.

“We really wanted to make it as simple as possible for Affiliates to bring in business and earn some cash, and lucrative for Partners to build on our platform rather than somewhere else because of the added benefits of having your website connected to the community.” said Riddell. “Our websites are also extremely affordable for any type of business to get themselves online easily and quickly. But most importantly, we want to see the Ambassadors spreading the word about their community websites, and see more people getting engaged in what’s going on in their own neighbourhoods.”

CommunityInfo now has close to 700 community websites on its network and has surpassed 3 million all time page views.

CommunityInfo is a division of Bold Innovation Group.
Find out more at www.communityinfo.net and www.boldinnovationgroup.com