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CommunityInfo Press Release: July 5, 2013

July 5, 2013
Ile Des Chênes
For Immediate Release

The New Community Website
Local Social Websites Bring Communities Together

A small group of web designers and developers in rural Manitoba have created a new way for people to connect with their communities.

CommunityInfo.net is a network of community websites that allows users to share their events, classifieds, news, discussions, photos, and much more with other friends and neighbours in their local community.

A growing number of rural communities have already embraced the websites. Currently in Manitoba, CommunityInfo websites have accumulated more than 2 million page views. The most active communities have been in southern Manitoba including St. Adolphe, St. Agathe, Lorette, Niverville, and Ile Des Chênes (where the company recently set up its new headquarters).

The CommunityInfo team is now making a major effort to expand the websites’ popularity and get more communities using their sites. They are currently running a contest “Ci’s Great Big Users Contest” to increase the number of daily users. Anyone who registers as a user gets entered in a draw for a prize pack of items donated by community businesses currently valued at $1,500 (and still growing). Simply inviting others to join further increases the users’ chances of winning.

Another standout new feature is that Community Groups and Non-profit organizations are able to create free websites that are connected to the community site.

These organizations can build a professional website to host their company information, while their news, events, and classifieds will automatically display on the community site as well.

The ultimate goal of the CommunityInfo team is to help bring communities together.

Eric Boisjoli, one of the creators of CommunityInfo, commented on their motivation behind the innovative website network. “Nothing like this exists out there as far as we know. Facebook, Twitter, email, and text messaging are great for sending quick messages to your friends and people you’re already connected to, but there is no real way to communicate online with everyone in your community...or to find out what’s going on and what people are talking about.”

Organizations interested in a free website are encouraged to contact the CommunityInfo team at [email protected]

Contest and advertising details are available at www.communityinfo.net


From your friendly neighbourhood Ci Team

CommunityInfo is a division of Bold Innovation Group Ltd. www.boldinnovationgroup.com