Ci connects with Community Leaders

Ci connects with Community Leaders

CommunityInfo continues to pick up momentum and build partnerships with community leaders.

Last week, members of the Ci Team exhibited our unique product and talents at this year’s Annual Convention for the Association of Manitoba Municipalities.

We were able to meet and speak with a large number of community leaders who expressed their interest and appreciation for what we are doing.

It turns out, there’s a lot of communities and municipalities out there who are looking for websites that can put them better in touch with the members of their communities.

Because of our network of community-based social websites, and our ability to create professional websites for Municipalities which can be linked to the community sites, we are in a unique position to help Municipal Governments communicate online with their residents.

Earlier this month, CommunityInfo began working with the SDC/CDC of La Broquerie, providing them with a free website, as they qualify under our Non-Profit / Community Group status. Partnering with a groups such as these benefits us mutually, because they are in a great position to promote the use of the free community websites and encourage new users and activity for us, and they are also able to take advantage of all of the powerful tools and features that Ci provides.

Last week we also presented to a group of the directors of the Eastman Day Cares, and had an overwhelmingly positive response for our websites, and the free services we provide to organizations such as theirs. We’ll now be providing free websites for a dozen or more Day Cares in Southern Manitoba to get them connected with the moms and dads in their communities, as well as getting them more involved in the greater community on and off line.

Next up for Ci is a presentation at the Annual General Meeting for the CDEM, and broadening our reach with a booth at the Convention Tradeshow for the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities.

Stay over the next few weeks for 12 days of tips to build a better community.


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