Ambassadors, Affiliates, and Partners… Oh My!

Ambassadors, Affiliates, and Partners… Oh My!

CommunityInfo Seeks Ambassadors to Help Enhance Community Life

The self proclaimed ‘Community Development Heroes’ at CommunityInfo are once again living up to their titles.

In case you haven’t heard, CommunityInfo has officially launched our Community Ambassador program.

This is another big step for CommunityInfo and our commitment to bringing communities together in the best way we know how.

So what does this really mean you might be asking?

The answer is simple: We’re looking for your help and we want to share the profits with you.

If you become one of our Community Ambassadors, you will earn 30% of ALL the revenue (from websites, advertising, and promoting events and classifieds) on your community website.

All you have to do is spend a few minutes a week to keep your site active with events, classifieds and discussions.

We are also hoping that as an Ambassadors you can tap into your social networks and put us in touch with some non-profit organizations and groups in your community so that we can provide them with FREE professional websites that are integrated with the community site.

CommunityInfo is also unveiling our Community Affiliate and Community Partner Programs.

Affliates earn a 20% share of any business that they refer to CommunityInfo such as website subscriptions, advertisers, and people promoting events and boosting classified ads.

Partners are freelance web designers or web design firms who receive a significant revenue share for building custom websites for their clients on the CommunityInfo platform. Designers retain full ownership of their clients, and are free to charge their own prices for web design, plus they receive a majority share of the website subscription payments.

Find out more about the Community Ambassador, Affiliate, and Partner Programs by visiting or contact us directly to find out how you can fill this role and help contribute to your community.


If you have any questions, or would just like to
say hi, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly help however we can.

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