Are you looking for a powerful, easy to use, free website for your community organization?

The Community-info Mini-site is just that.  It allows all non profit groups/organization that promote services to enhance the lives of the members in the community to create their own FREE integrated website.

It was developed with you in mind so that even inexperienced users can easily create their own professional website with no geeky tech guy required.  Do not assume that this is too complicated for you until you at least give it a try.  We’re sure you will be surprised at just how simple it was to create your very own website.  If you aren’t quite sure or have questions, we do offer free support and training, just send us an email or give us a call.

The Community-info framework was designed to provide any non profit organization in the community a free website.  This way you can:

  • Create a free website for your chamber of commerce
  • Create a free website for your community centre
  • Create a free website for your church
  • Create a free website for your arena
  • Create a free website for your curling club
  • Create a free website for your youth group
  • Create a free website for your rural municipality and link it to all your communities
  • Create a free website for your library
  • Create a free website for your local Hospital
  • Create a free website for your minor sports teams
  • Create a free website for tourism and parks
  • Create a free website for volunteer organizations

It’s so simple to do.  With a click of a button:

  • You can add an events page
  • You can add a blog/newsletter page
  • You can add an image gallery
  • You can add a very powerful calendar engine built specifically for your community activities
    • Comes with the ability to bulk load team schedules so no need to click and enter every game.
    • Color coded teams or groups so easily find your team
    • Can have multiple locations in one calendar so teams can find their time and where they are playing.  Perfect for multiple baseball diamonds, curling sheets or hockey rinks
  • By just entering your address you will create a web page with a map of your location
  • By simply browsing for files you can easily create a meeting minutes page or upload registration forms
  • Fill out a few fields and you have a board of members page
  • Create an unlimited amount of information pages which are just like writing a document in a text editor (such as word)

To get started please read throughout How-to Mini-site pages to learn how to request and create your own website.  If you are not interested in building your own free site but would still like to take advantage of our great Community-info framework, check out our services page to see how we can create you a very robust website for a fraction of the cost going to another web shop.

Own A Business?

Mini-Sites are made for Non-Profit organizations, if you own a business and would like a full featured website that plugs in to your community, check out our Ci Sites.