Can't figure out how to do something on your Ci site?

Check out the how-to guides below for direction. If you can't find what you are looking for, give us a shout and we will do our best to help you out

Register to be a user

Step 1. Click the “Register” link in the User Menu.

Step 2. Enter your information as explained below.

  • Email: Your email address requires validation that this is your correct  email address.
  • Password: A password will be used to login
  • Confirm Password: Ensures there isn’t a typo in the above password.
  • Display Name: A name that will be displayed with your images, discussions and events on the site.
  • I agree to the Community-Info User Agreement: This field must be selected in order to proceed. Only register if you have read and agree to the User Agreement.
  • Click Submit.

Step 3. Verify your email account.

Once step 2 is complete, you should receive an email requesting that you confirm your email account.

Click on the provided link.

You are now a registered user

Add your Business, School, Comity etc. to the Local Directory

You must Register and Login to do this.

Step 1. Click “Add to Directory” in the User Menu.

Step 2. Enter your information as explained below.

  • Name: The organization’s name
  • Address: The organization’s main address
  • Address 2 (Optional): The organization’s secondary address
  • City: The organization’s city
  • Province: The organization’s province (must be in the same province as the community)
  • Phone (Optional): The organization’s phone number
  • Email (Optional): Email address that will be visible to all users
  • Website (Optional): The organisation’s website
  • Image (Optional): You can add a logo
  • Click Submit

Verify that the listing has been added to the Local Directory

Start a New Discussion

You must Register and Login to do this.

Step 1. Click “Discussions” in the User Menu.

Step 2. Select the topic that you would like to discuss.

Step 3. Click “Create a new thread“.

Step 4. Enter your information as explained below.

  • Title: The title of the thread is usually a summary of the discussion
  • Post: Start the discussion
  • Click Submit

Add Items to the Classifieds

You must Register and Login to do this.

Step 1. Click “Manage Classifieds” in the User Menu.

Step 2. Click “Add New Classified

Step 3. Enter your information as explained below.

  • Title:The name of the item.
  • Category: The category where this item will be displayed.
  • Price: The price you want to receive for this item.
  • Enter Item details as well as contact details: Enter a description of the item with details such as color and size as well as details on how to contact you regarding this item.
  • Click Submit

Step 4. Images

  • Browse and select image
  • Submit
  • You can upload many images for a classified item(1 at a time)
  • Set the Default image

Add a Community Event

You must Register and Login to do this.

Step 1: Click “Add Community Events” in the User Menu.

Step 2: Enter your information as explained below.

  • Date:The date of the event. Once this date passes, the event will go into the archive.
  • Title: The name of the event.
  • Image (Optional): You may want to add an image from your computer to the event.
  • Details and Contact Info: Enter the details of the event such as “who’s organizing it”, “where”,what time”, “how to RSVP”
  • Click Submit

Step 3. Moderation – Your event will be reviewed for inappropriate content.  Once the Moderator approves the event it will be displayed in the community Events.

Manage site admins

From the mini-site admin screen you can click on the Manage Site Admin button. This will bring you to a screen where you can assign/remove user access to manage the mini-site.

Create a Mini-Site or a Ci-Site

If you would like to setup a Free Mini-Site (for Non-Profit Organizations) or a Ci-Site (for businesses), please contact us and we will help you get started with the plan that best suits your needs.

More information on Mini-Sites

More information on Ci-Sites

Mini-Sites & Ci-Sites: Edit Theme Styles

You can change most background and font colors, as well as other styles to customize your theme at any time. Some themes will also allow you to change your banner images and other items as well. To do so:

Step 1: Click on "My Websites" in your profile section and change the styles you would like to modify.

Step 2: When you are done, click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Return to your website and refresh your browser's page to see the changes instantly.

Repeat this process until you are happy with the changes.

Mini-Sites & Ci-Sites: Setup/Edit Company Information

One of the first things you'll want to do is setup your company info. The info you enter here will be used throughout your website, including your contact us page.

Step 1: In My Wesbites section, click on "Company info"

Step 2: Fill out your information

Step 3: Click Save

Note that if your theme has social media icons (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc), those icons will only show up if you enter a URL in those fields in the Company Info section.

Mini-Sites & Ci-Sites: Add Pages

Under My Websites

Step 1 Select the site you'd like to edit

Step 2 Click on "Edit Page"

Step 3 Create a new page:

  • Page Type : Select the type of page you would like added
  • Page Name : Enter the name of the page(this will be the name displayed to the end user
  • Parent page : Select the parent page to have your new page appear under in the menu or leave as none.

Step 3 Click Add

Page Types:


Information page

A text editor page where you can add text and format the data to display in your webpage.  Can create text, add images, add links, upload pictures or add video.

Gallery Page

An image gallery where you can upload all your group’s images. 


A newsletter/blog page.  Entries added to this page will feed into the Community-info home page for all members to view. 


An events page.  Entries added to this page will feed into the events in the Community-info home page for all members to view. 

Board of members

A pre-formatted page that accepts an unlimitted amount of members(name, address, phone number, email and image).  All fields are optional and will display nicely when this page is viewed.

Location page

In this page you can only enter your address.  When viewing the page it will display the address and a map view of the address in yahoo maps.

Contact us page

A text editor page where you can add text and format the data to display in your webpage.  Can create text, add images, add links, upload pictures or add video.

File Archive

A page to store all your files so users can download them.  Can be used for registration forms, application forms or meeting minutes.

Distribution List

A page that will allow any user to register to receive messages sent by the admin of the page.  The admin will have a section to explain the purpose of the distribution list.  As the admin you will be able to view/edit the list of all users that have registered.  You will also have the ability to create and send messages that get emailed directly to all the registered users of the distribution list.  This is perfect for staying on top of sports team discussions or getting a list of volunteers.

Calendar Page

A calendar page built specifically for your community (used for team schedules, Arena schedules, hall rentals)

  • Comes with the ability to bulk load team schedules
  • Color coded teams or groups so easily find your team
  • Can be filtered by team to view home and away games and can download a full schedule
  • Can have multiple locations in one calendar.  Perfect for multiple baseball diamonds, curling sheets or hockey rinks

Mini-Sites & Ci-Sites: Edit Pages

Depending on the type of page the actual editting of the page can vary.  This will just talk about how to edit a page.  You can enter the page edit through a couple of different ways.  The first way is through the Mini-site admin screen.  The second is once the mini-site is published you can actually navigate through your mini-site pages.  As an admin of the mini-site you will have an admin panel at the bottom of every page.  From there you will have the option to edit the page content.  The following is how to edit the pages through the admin screen.

Starting from the Edit Pages screen

Step 1: Select the page you would like to edit

Step 2: Modify the content as you wish

Step 3: Click Save

Mini-Sites & Ci-Sites: Setting Up a Calendar

Once you added a calendar page to your minisite, here’s a list of steps you need to go through to get your calendar going.

Step 1: Create your groups

    Groups can be used for variety of different things.  For Halls it can be weddings or conventions.  For Arenas, curling or baseball it can be as specific as the team name/level(Jets or Atom) or as broad as a league name(Men’s league). 

    The group name and color will be used to identify that specific group in the calendar.  Also you will be able to filter the calendar to display one group at a time, at which time, you will have the ability to print the full schedule of that group.

    This is required for the calendar feature to work.  To create a group click on the Groups button.  Set the group to create new, pick a color to display for this group, enter a descriptive name of the group and click save.  Do this for all groups that will use your facility.  Such as public skating and even open ice.

Step 2: Configure your locations

    Location are to indicate where the event is to take place.  If you only have one ice surface the default will probably suffice, although, you may wish to edit the default description.  if you manage multiple ice surface such as a curling club then you would add as many location as there are sheets of ice.  Also adding a clear description of the location.  Another example would be for multiple baseball diamonds or if you manage multiple halls.

    You need at least one location for the calendar feature to work.  To create a new location click on the Location button.  Set the Locations drop down list to create new, enter a descriptive name of the location, enter a small code to signify the location and click save.

Step 3: Add your types of events

    Types are used to describe the type of event taking place.  For a hall you could have something like Wedding or Convention types.  Common types for community clubs or sports groups you would add types such as Game, Practise, Tournament, Public Skating, Open Ice.

    Types are required for the calendar service to work.  To create an event type click on the Types button.  Select create new and enter the name of the event type.

Step 4: Add custom fields to your events

    Custom Fields can be added or removed as needed.  They are used to display more information about the events.  If an arena would like to display who will be working the time box or the refs for a game then you would need to add a Ref and timekeeper custom field. 

    This is not required for the calendar but can be used to display additional information.  To create additional fields click on the Fields button.  Select create new and enter the name of the event type.

Step 5: Assign managers to groups

    If you would like your coaches or team managers to have the ability to add remove calendar entries for specific groups you can assign users to any groups that you created.  This gives the users complete control of his/her team schedule on the calendar.  The group manager will not have access to manipulate any group he/she is not assigned to manage.

    To assign Group Managers click the Managers button.  In the Add a New Group Manager section enter the users email address, select which group he/she will be managing and click save.  Once saved your users and groups will display in the above section.  Minisite admins have access to all groups in the calendar.

Step 6: Bulk upload your group calendar entries

    Now that your calendar is configured you can start loading schedules into your calendar. 

    Click on the Import button, click on the Download a sample import file(this file will give you a great idea of what is required to load your existing schedule into a csv file that will load in the system).  The sample file will even identify which columns are required and add the custom fields so you can bulk upload those as well.  The event description would be a great place to enter who your games or names of who is getting married.  ***Make sure your file uses the same date format as is in the Sample file or the dates may be wrong.***

    Once your csv file is ready to go navigate back to the import screen.  Browse for your schedule in the csv format and click Upload. 

    This will open the mapping page, here you will link your header name to the system fields.  If the sample header names were used then this should be a simple direct mapping from the same description in the file to the system fields.  However if the names are different then here you have a chance to link them correctly instead of going back in the file to modify the header descriptions.

    Click Import and the system will try to load your schedule if there are errors in the file the import will fail and you will be notified of all the rows that failed to load.

Step 7: Create event entries manually into the calendar

    If you only want to make one entry into the calendar and there’s no reason to use the bulk upload, then you can manually enter a calendar event.  To do so just click on the time in the calendar you wish to enter and enter all the required fields.  If you are a group manager you will only be able to add an entry for that specific group.

Mini-Sites & Ci-Sites: Change Order of Menu Links

If you don’t like the flow in which the menu is displayed.  You can reorder your pages to make sure they are displayed properly.

Step 1: Open the Edit Pages screen

Step 2: Using the up or down arrows on the left side of the webpages in the Existing pages section.  You can rearrange the order in which your menu items are displayed.

Mini-Sites & Ci-Sites: Publish Website (Make it live)

Your website will be hidden to everyone other than yourself while you're working on it. To view it, you can click on the "Preview Website" link. This will bring you to a password protected site where you just have to enter the access code noted beside the same Preview Website link.

Once you are happy with your website, you can make it live to the rest of the world by clicking on the "Publish Website" link.


If you have any questions, or would just like to
say hi, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly help however we can.