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CommunityInfo is a network of community based social media websites that is free for all community members to join and participate in discussions about their community, share ideas, promote events, post classified ads, and find information about their community.

CommunityInfo is designed to improve community spirit, enhance community life and strengthen economic development. It encourages all community groups and non profit organizations to enhance the lives of the members in the community and contribute to their community by creating their own free integrated websites.

CommunityInfo is a division of Bold Innovation Group.

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Our Services to the Community


For Communities

CommunityInfo provides free social websites for all communities in Canada and the United States. Any person can create and maintain their community website. Community websites display events, classified ads, discussion forums, business directories and more.

For Groups

CommunityInfo provides free websites for any non-profit community group. These websites are completely independently maintained by that organization, however they are also integrated with the CommunityInfo network to allow them to easily distribute and promote their news and events to the entire community.

For Individuals

CommunityInfo provides members of communities the ability to share in the revenue by becoming Community Ambassadors and actively promoting activity on the community websites.

For Businesses

CommmunityInfo provides affordable and easy to use professional websites for businesses. These websites can be built and maintained entirely by the business and are fully integrated with the CommunityInfo network. Businesses can purchase paid advertising on the community sites, pay to promote their events and boost their visibility for classified ads.


Eric Boisjoli
Partner at Bold Innovation Group
Lead Software Developer

Eric Boisjoli is the original mastermind and visionary behind CommunityInfo. He conceived and developed the project as a solution to his own frustrations with online information in a rural setting. Eric graduated from Red River College as a Computer Analyst Programmer and has more than a decade of development experience. Eric grew up in St. Adolphe Manitoba and now resides in Ile des Chénes. He wanted to create a forum for members of the community to share their events, ideas, and information about their community and not have to rely on visiting several different outdated websites to find out what’s going on around them.

Stefan Maynard
Partner at Bold Innovation Group
Lead Web Designer

Stefan came to the rescue when he saw the brilliance behind what Eric had started to develop, and the need for his magical designer’s touch to create a website that both looks and functions as a modern social media site should. Along with his education and intuition for smart Web Design and turning imagination into innovation, Stef also contributes as a founding member of Bold Innovation Group, applying his education as a graduate of business and E-Marketing, Stef like most of the Ci Teams has close rural ties in the towns of St. Malo and Ste. Pierre Jolys in Southern Manitoba.

Scott Riddell
Community Development Hero

Scott came aboard the CommunityInfo project to help out with things like this - PR and media production. Scott also manages sales and support for the CommunityInfo users, ambassadors, and Ci-Site clients. Scott comes from a strong media and communications background holding degrees in Journalism and Communications and has previously worked in Film, Advertising, and Internet Marketing.

Yvan Boisjoli
Partner at Bold Innovation Group

Yvan is a founding partner and software developer with Bold Innovation Group and Bold Apps. He have paved the way for much of the success of Bold Apps and has been developing software for the better part of a decade. Yvan was a major contributor to the development and marketing of CommunityInfo from its inception. He assisted his brother Eric from concept to development, and joined in contacting businesses and community organizations to get CommunityInfo off the ground in its very early days.

Jason Myers
Partner at Bold Innovation Group

Jay is a founding member of Bold Innovation Group and the marketing Godfather at Bold Apps. Jay is a Business Marketing major and comes from a long history of successful business ventures and internet marketing. He brings ambition, ideas, and a fresh perspective to the discussions at the Ci Table.

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