NOUN: A person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.

What is a Community Ambassador?

We are currently looking for Community Ambassadors to help get community websites going. Community Ambassadors are local people in a community who have a heightened sense of community spirit and who would like to see people around them get connected to communicate, by helping grow their own CommunityInfo website.

As a Community Ambassador, you would take on the task of administrating your CommunityInfo page (often your home town) and inspiring more people to get involved. You would help populate the community site with local events, by starting new discussions, by entering local businesses in the business directory, etc.

Most importantly, you would help spread the word by letting everyone in the community know about it, by inviting them to participate, and by helping them get started if needed.

From there, your ongoing responsibility is to ensure the site remains active and to conitnue to encourage others to participate. Keeping events up to date, keeping conversations fresh and continuing to help the website grow so that everyone in the community has one local place to interact are common tasks that you would undertake as a Ci Community Ambassador.

Earn 30% of ALL Revenue in your Community!

We understand that you are a busy person, therefore we want to make it worth your time. Other than helping your community and neighbours, you will also receive a 30% cut of ALL revenue that comes in through your Community Website, which comes from advertising, website sales, and sponsored events & classifieds.

Note: We are only accepting ONE Community Ambassador per community, so don't wait, apply now below!


Who would make a good Community Ambassador?

A good Community Ambassador should be someone who is already involved in their community in a variety of ways offline as well as online.

  • Are you part of any community groups, non-profit organizations, boards of directors?
  • Do you participate in and/or organize community events?
  • Are you someone that people can come to for answers about issues in your community?
  • Also, are you just a little bit web savvy?
  • Do you administer any other social media websites or groups?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, becoming a Community Ambassador could be a great way for you to make some extra cash, and bring a little more pride and spirit to your community.

What are a Community Ambassador's responsibilities?

A Community Ambassador is responsible for a number of different things on their CommunityInfo website.

As Community Ambassador, you will primarily be charged with the task of making sure your Community is active and engaged. This means it will be up to you to ensure that there are new and current events posted on the calendar at all times. There should be a variety of items in the classifieds section, the business directory is full and up to date with new businesses, and removing ones that no longer exist, and ensuring that new and relevant discussions are taking place in the discussions forum.

Ideally, you should be inspiring residents in your community to join the site and post the content on their own. But if you notice the site is lacking in user activity, it is your responsibility to continue to post and keep the site updated and relevant to new viewers.

How do Community Ambassadors make money?

Itís get a cut of the whole pot. CommunityInfo gets revenue from businesses who advertise on the site, businesses who create websites on the Ci platform, and users who pay to promote their content such as events and classified ads.

Simply by becoming a Community Ambassador and successfully and continually completing the tasks detailed above, you get a 10% cut of ALL revenue that comes in through your Community Website.

CommunityInfo also offers a 20% affiliate payment for any business websites and advertising brought in. Therefore, if you are ambitious, you can choose to go out and sell additional advertising and websites to businesses in your community. In that case, you will not only make 20% of any website subscription and advertising that you bring in, but as the Community Ambassador, you will also make the aditional 30%. And of course you still get 30% of all revenue brought in by other affiliates!

With just a few monthly website subscriptions and recurring advertising revenue, you could easily be making a few hundred dollars every month just by becoming a Community Ambassador.

How much money can I make as a Ci Community Ambassador?

The amount of money you can make depends on many factors. How many people there are in your community, how active they are on the site, how many businesses there are in your community, how many of them buy Ci-Sites, how many ads there are on your community site, how many people pay to promote events or classifieds, etc. All of these will determine how much revenue your community site can bring in.

The harder you work to get members of your community involved, the more active your site will become, and the more money you will be able to make. Once everyone in your area knows about and is using your website, local businesses will jump at the opportunity to advertise.

Do I have to be technically inclined or a web designer?

Absolutely not! CommunityInfo is completely user friendly. If you can work your way around Facebook or email programs, you will be able to run a CommunityInfo website.

We will also provide complete training to help you get started and are always here to answer questions in the future. Whether it be to share marketing or sales ideas, or to ask technical questions, the Ci team will always be only one click or call away.

I'm interested but still have questions...

No Problem! This page just briefly describes the Ci Community Ambassador program. When you apply to become an Ambassador, we will send you a more detailed information package that clearly explains your responsibilites, as well as all revenue models that you'll get a cut of to help you make the decision.

We will also provide complete training to help you get started and are always here to answer questions in the future. The Ci team will always be only one click or call away if you need us.

Apply to become your Community's Ambassador

If you are interested in becoming a Ci Community Ambassdor or would just like more information, please fill out the form below. Please note that we are only allowing one Ambassador per community so if you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.

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How long have you lived in your community?
What community groups and organizations, if any, do you belong to?
What types of social networks - online and offline - are you part of?
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Tell us why you'd make a good Ambassador for your Community:

Upon completing this application you may be contacted by the Ci Team to talk in a little more detail over Skype.

Thank you for your interest in CommunityInfo. Remember to invite your friends, family, and neighbours to join. Your community works better when everyone contributes.


If you have any questions, or would just like to
say hi, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly help however we can.